Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Way to Hide Local Drive In your PC

Somebody use software to hide the drive but it is very simple method to hide any dive in your PC...
Follow these three steps to hide drive......

Step 1. Go to Start –> Run or use Win+R keys and type “cmd” and press Ok.
Step 2. This will open Command Prompt for you. Now type “diskpart” and press Enter:
Once in Diskpart type “list volume” and press Enter:
This will list all the partitions in your system.
Enter The Following Command
select volume 5″.
Remember to change 5 with the volume number of your partition you want to hide and press Enter:
Step 3. Now as in my example I am hiding drive F: so my last command is “remove letter F” and then press Enter:
All done. Now open your computer and see that drive is made hidden

Now to make a drive Unhidden

Follow first 2 steps as such but in step 3 instead of remove letter F use “assign letter F”
for Vista/windows 7
The commands becomes slightly different here:”assign letter=F”
You have successfully unlocked the Hidden Drive.

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